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Unique Valentine's Day Recipes

There are plenty of ways to show your love on Valentine's Day, but nothing compares to something sweet right from the heart. We have 14 delectable Valentine's Day recipes from cookies and "pizzas" to fudge and tasty drinks. Leave them love-struck with these heart-shaped and heartfelt goodies:



1. Spicy Chocolate Sandwich Cookies — espresso powder and black pepper add spice to these otherwise chocolatey cookies.


Carrot Cake Recipes

National Carrot Cake Day -- it’s a rabbit’s favorite holiday, but let’s get one thing straight:  carrot cake tastes nothing like rabbit food. Carrots are the second sweetest vegetable behind sweet beets, and they add flavor and texture to otherwise forgettable recipes. In fact, in Medieval times, carrots were used to sweeten cakes and desserts because sweeteners like sugar were difficult to procure and expensive when they were actually available. 


15 Recipes for National Soup Month

January weather requires thick overcoats, warm hats, windproof gloves and thermal layers (upon layers). Sometimes bundling up just isn’t enough to keep the cold away, and we’re pretty sure that’s why January is National Soup Month. A giant bowl of hot, creamy soup is the perfect thing to warm you up from the inside when Jack Frost is nipping at your nose—and toes. Below are 15 of our favorite soup recipes that will keep you nice and toasty all month long:


12 Days of Cookies

Christmas is coming, and as part of the countdown to Christmas our friends at Dairy Good put together a dozen delicious cookie ideas for a sweet twist on the 12 Days of Christmas: 12 Days of Cookies (because all days, especially Christmas day, need more cookies). Don't wait: there's still time to make a few batches to leave out for Santa tonight!

Buttercream Trees


Make Black Friday Snacks with Thanksgiving Leftovers

Like many of you, our Thanksgiving traditions are pretty much set in stone. From the bird on the table and the meeting time to the number of pies and the number of guests, there’s a rhyme, a reason, and there’s definitely a recipe. We believe Thanksgiving is solely a day for family and gratitude—not shopping. But we do recognize that Black Friday shopping has become a new post-Thanksgiving tradition for the whole family.

The Best Pizza in Washington

With crusts thick and thin, sauces spicy and savory, cheeses fresh and flavorful and toppings tropical and traditional, pizza could very well be the most loved dairy food—ever. If we had our way, we’d spend all of National Pizza Month sampling a slice from every pizza place around in search of the best pizza in Washington. But we’ve got cows to milk and barns to clean, which is why we polled our Facebook followers, to find their favorites.

Haunting Halloween Recipes

What’s better than adding a little “scary” to your diet with delicious dairy? Not even real Halloween candy, if you ask us. We love Halloween because it kicks off the holiday feasting festivities with some spooky recipes that both the kids and grownups will have fun eating! From gooey to ghoulish and dirty to delish, pick your poison with one of these terrifyingly tasty Halloween recipes:


Quaker Oats with Milk

Quaker Oats with Dairy Milk
The next time you’re shopping in the cereal aisle you might notice something different. Larry the Quaker Guy, that familiar face smiling at you from the front of the oatmeal carton, recently got a makeover.  These days, he’s sporting a milk mustache as a friendly reminder that oats and dairy have long been good partners.

Sandwiches Worth Packing

Brown bagging doesn’t need to be boring. Whether you’re packing lunches for work or school, a sandwich is always a good option. With the right ingredients, a sandwich can be a delicious, satisfying meal that you actually look forward to eating. And adding dairy foods like cheese or Greek yogurt means you’re also packing 9 essential nutrients. Try these twists on the everyday so-so sandwich.



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