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A Dairy Farm, Craft Breweries and Giant Pumpkins

Dairy farmer Leann Krainick says one of her favorite fall beers has to be a pumpkin IPA or, for a real treat, a pumpkin stout beer with ice cream.  

Leann gives her recommendation on good authority.  After all, she considers her dairy farm to be an important part of the beer community in Washington State. 

A Pumpkin Tradition

October might just be the coziest month of the year.  It’s finally boot and scarf season, leaves are falling, crockpot recipes and Halloween costumes fill your Pinterest feed, and pumpkin has made its way into EVERYTHING.  Yes, October is a very good month.  Thank goodness October has five weekends because we have some serious fall business to attend to.

The Best Pizza in Washington

With crusts thick and thin, sauces spicy and savory, cheeses fresh and flavorful and toppings tropical and traditional, pizza could very well be the most loved dairy food—ever. If we had our way, we’d spend all of National Pizza Month sampling a slice from every pizza place around in search of the best pizza in Washington. But we’ve got cows to milk and barns to clean, which is why we polled our Facebook followers, to find their favorites.

Dairy Farmers Don't Waste the Waste

Art Mensonides Installs Digester System at his Dairy
Art Mensonides is a dairy farmer in Mabton, Washington. Originally from The Netherlands, he and his family immigrated to Washington in 1989 to start a dairy. In 2002, they built the current farm, and its current operations are just one more example of how Washington dairy farmers are contributing to our state’s environmental sustainability.


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