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Washington Milk is rbST-free

Washington dairy is rbST-free
Washington’s dairy farm families are committed to producing wholesome, nutritious and safe dairy products.  We are equally committed to animal welfare, environmental stewardship and the communities we serve.  Because we want you to be confident in the dairy products you eat and drink, we want you to know about rbST—what it is; what research has shown about using rbST; and, ultimately, why Washington milk is rbST-free.

What goes into a glass of milk?

Dairy Farmers of Washington work hard to provide a quality productIt’s dinner time yet again, and you pull the milk jug out of the fridge to pour each family member a tall glass of farm-fresh milk. It's a nightly tradition you cherish and overlook all at once. Across town and across the state, countless families are doing the same thing -- sharing a meal made a little more perfect with milk. Milk helps create special moments like these every day.

Using Robotics to Be a Better Farmer

DeLaval Milking Robotics Help Austin Dairy Farm in Oakville, Washington

Robots. They rove the red sands of Mars and threaten to take over the world in science fiction movies. But in Oakville, Washington, robots are doing something much different. Just 90 miles south of Seattle, the robots on the Austin family's dairy farm are making life a whole lot better for cows and for the farmers.  

What makes Washington cows so productive?

Last month we celebrated National Dairy Month by posting some fun facts about the dairy industry. The post sparked some great conversation over on Twitter, but one fact stood out and built quite the buzz: In 2008, the average Washington cow produced 14.5% more milk than the average U.S. cow. So, what makes our cows so productive? For those who are curious, we wanted to expand on our initial 140 character answer here on the blog.

Ohio dairy farmer found innocent of animal abuse charges

It's a well-known industry fact that if you treat your cows with the utmost care and respect, they will reward you with the best milk possible. However, recently released videotapes aim to suggest that dairy farmers would rather abuse their animals than treat them well. While this claim is completely false and offensive to dairy farmers, it is clear that the videos are perpetrated by one or two sick individuals, not the dairy farmers, their families or other employees. Further proof of this fact can be found in last week's decision by a grand jury to not charge a central Ohio dairy farmer with animal abuse. Read on to learn the real story behind the video....

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