Dairy Farmer Spotlight Videos

Embedded thumbnail for Dairies Recycle Everything

Jim Werkhoven, a dairy farmer from Monroe, WA, explains how dairies recycle everything on the farm including manure, water, sand, and other waste...

Embedded thumbnail for Caring for Cows

From innovative water beds to daily check-ups, Washington's dairy farmers put the health, well-being and comfort of their cows before everything...

Embedded thumbnail for Cows Are Nature's Recyclers

A Washington Dairy Farmer explains how cows help recycle byproducts and play an important part in a sustainable environment.

Embedded thumbnail for Is My Milk Safe?

The Darigold Corporate Laboratory runs extensive tests to ensure Washington dairy milk is safe to drink.

Embedded thumbnail for Why Don't Dairy Cows Have Horns?

Dairy cows are naturally equipped with horns, but the horns are removed to prevent injury within the herd

Embedded thumbnail for Importance of Dairy to Washington's Economy

Washington Dairy Farmers are a key ingredient to the success of Washington State's economy as one of the top agricultural revenue streams in the...

Embedded thumbnail for Happy Cows Produce More Milk

Treating cows with special care ensures they stay healthy and happy and produce more milk

Embedded thumbnail for Healthy Calves Grow Into Healthy Cows

Keeping calves healthy from the onset helps guarantee they will be part of the milk-producing herd as they grow into adulthood

Embedded thumbnail for Comfortable Cows are Happy Cows

Explore how Washington Dairy Farmers keep their cows comfortable and the effects on the quality of Washington dairy products

Embedded thumbnail for There's No Waste on a Dairy

Washington Dairy Farmers are committed to limiting dairy waste by turning cow manure into compost, which is used as a fertilizer for other crops...