Dairy Farmer Spotlight Videos

Embedded thumbnail for Snoqualmie Ice Cream

Snoqualmie Ice Cream: homemade from the best, local ingredients

Embedded thumbnail for DeGroot Family Dairy Receives 2013 Award for Sustainability

The DeGroot Family Dairy, Skyridge Farms, in Sunnyside, Washington wins 2013 U.S. Sustainability Award!

Embedded thumbnail for What Fuels WIAA Student Athletes?

Washington Dairy Farmers fuel the health and performance of WIAA student athletes.

Embedded thumbnail for Nothing Goes to Waste

How dairy farmer Andy Werkhoven ensures that everything on the farm gets repurposed.

Embedded thumbnail for Green Friendly Practices

Washington Dairy Farmer, Andy Werkhovin shows how he is working towards a more eco friendly process.

Embedded thumbnail for Keeping it Fresh!

WA Dairy farmers are proud of providing a fresh local product. A dairy within 30-40 miles generally produces milk that is bought in stores.

Embedded thumbnail for Cows are Better Than Condos

Dairy Farmers love their job because of their working environment

Embedded thumbnail for Farm to Market

Dairy Farmers are proud of the speed they can get their product to market.

Embedded thumbnail for Dairy is Safe

Washington Dairy Farmers Pride themselves on the high standards of their product.

Embedded thumbnail for Protecting the Land

Washington Dairy Farmers are dedicated to ensuring that they protect the environment around them.