Wine and Cheese Pairings for a Perfect Valentine's Day

Ahh Valentine’s Day… a day full of love, flowers, chocolate, wine and cheese!

Wait, what? Cheese? I asked this question myself. But cheese pretty much rounds out the perfect Valentine’s Day. Pair some exceptional wine with delicious cheese and you have basically created the best day for yourself, your friends - or for your significant other.

Now remember, there are a million ways to pair wine and cheese, these are just some friendly suggestions to get you started!

Here are some tips about how to enjoy your wine and cheese together:

  • Consider the age and intensity of each. Fresh soft cheeses like mozzarella pair better with younger wines while aged cheeses pair well with full bodied red wines.
  • Pair your favorite rich, creamy cheese, like Camembert or Brie, with a bubbly wine, like champagne, to offset textures. The bubbles from the wine can help cleanse the tongue which makes you want to take another bite.
  • Think about pairing a sweet wine with a salty cheese (think bleu cheese and riesling). The saltiness of the cheese will bring out the sweetness of the wine making an irresistible combination .
  • Add some fruit (dried and fresh) and nuts to your tasting party to help enhance the taste of both the cheese and the wine.

Make sure to look for local, Washington cheeses for your Valentine’s Day tasting extravaganza!

Happy Valentine’s Day!